Audio Tools for Therapists

  • Create virtual reality therapy for your clients anywhere
  • Let your clients practice at home between meetings
  • Record high-quality therapy scripts
Therapy in Modern Times

What clients in the new millennium expect

Audio Therapy
Virtual Reality

Sharm Studio

Create effective, high-quality therapy soundtracks that your clients can use to practice at home.
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Sharm Live

Take your clients on a new inner journey, complete with music and background scenes, at your clinic.
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Expand Your Horizons

Add-on Sound Libraries are included

  • Recorded scripts
  • Nature Sounds
  • Urban scenes



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Any Therapy

Around the World

Since 2004, the Sharm audio software products can fit to any therapy methodology, such as Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, NLP, and more.

Practice at Home Between Meetings

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Sharm Studio is the easiest, most flexible software in my toolkit. My clients are very satisfied.

Dr. Gary Whitney

Sharm Live ROCKS! I am now going to use Sharm Live with all of my one-on-one clients.

James D. Dayley

Sharm Live is excellent and I’m thrilled with it. The software does what the website says and more.

Jack Nicholais