A Lifetime License

Here are the new and exciting benefits that you get with the Sharm Lifetime License:

One-Time Payment

Pay only once and get access to the software product(s) for a lifetime! There are no hidden fees or extra payments now or in the future. As a professional user of a professional software product, you can appreciate this huge future saving. We try hard to keep the prices of our products reasonably low, and with this new exciting license policy, it's a real deal!

Free Software Updates

Since 2004, we've been working hard to improve the Sharm software products. We release software updates with important fixes and improvements on a regular basis. Whenever a new software version is available, you'll get a notification from your Sharm software, and you’ll be able to update it with just one click. This includes all future software updates, i.e., minor updates (fixes and improvements) as well as major software releases. There’s no need to pay again in the future for a minor or major software upgrade.

License Management

The lifetime license includes the option to move your Sharm software product(s) to new computers in the future. When you purchase a new computer, contact us to reset your license key so that you can reactivate it on your new computer.

Commercial Use

You can sell the audio products that you create with the Sharm software tools (no royalties, no extra commercial fees). Your Sharm license includes everything that you need to create and sell your audio products.

One User on Two Computers

You can use your Sharm software on up to two computers at the same time with a single license key. For example, you can install and use the software on your desktop office computer and on your laptop, at the same time. Simply repeat the installation/activation process on both computers. Please make sure to download and install the latest software version from our website.