AI and Therapy
The impact of Sharm Wizard

In the contemporary world, where technology advances at a lightning-fast pace, one field that is seeing a significant transformation is therapy. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Text-to-Speech (TTS) technologies are playing a crucial role in this transformation, and Sharm Wizard, an innovative web app, is leading the charge. Let's delve deeper into the inner workings of Sharm Wizard and explore how it employs AI and TTS to generate personalized therapy sessions.

Personalization and Automation with Sharm Wizard

Sharm Wizard integrates two key AI technologies: the GPT language model and text-to-speach (TTS). The role of the therapist, in this context, is to provide short guidelines that are included in the GPT prompt. The language model then uses these guidelines to write a personalized script for the therapy session. This interaction between the therapist and the AI system results in a personalized therapy session without the therapist having to write the entire script. The therapist also has the ability to further personalize the session by providing the client's first name and selecting a protocol for each of the four main session sections - Relaxation, Deepening, Visualization, and Reinforcement.

Sharm Wizard: A Step-by-step Workflow

To illustrate how Sharm Wizard operates, consider a fictional therapist, Jane. Jane has a client, John, who is dealing with anxiety, boredom, lack of motivation, and difficulty focusing. Jane logs into Sharm Wizard and inputs these issues as guidelines for the session. She also inputs John's name for personalization and selects the session sections. She then selects the soothing AI voice of Ashley. Once these parameters are set, the GPT language model generates a script tailored to John's needs. The TTS module then converts this script into an audio session. Finally, suitable background music is added to the session. Jane can now provide John with a personalized therapy session addressing his unique needs.

Security and Privacy

Sharm Wizard is designed with the utmost attention to privacy and security. It does not store any client data. The client's first name, provided by the therapist, is used only for the personalization of the session and is not stored or used for any other purpose.

Looking Ahead with Sharm Wizard

As we look to the future, Sharm Wizard plans to continually evolve and improve. Upcoming enhancements include offering therapists more options to easily and precisely control the script, adding more TTS narration voices with better fine-tuning, incorporating more therapy sound technologies, expanding the music library, and improving the user interface.

The integration of AI and TTS technologies by Sharm Wizard is revolutionizing the therapy landscape. By making therapy sessions more efficient and personalized, Sharm Wizard is not only enhancing the therapy experience but also paving the way for the future of therapy.