About Us

CyberTeam Ltd. is a leading developer of advanced sound and video technologies. For over two decades, our proprietary technologies, automated generators and user-friendly modules have enabled therapists and clients throughout the world to easily create customized audio-visual sessions with rich soundscapes to meet their personal and professional needs. CyberTeam is committed to constantly improving the quality of our software products and services we provide, as well as to offering superb customer service.



HypnoThoughts Live 2014 Annual Conference, Las Vegas
Hypnotherapist James Dayley presented the SHARM Studio and SHARM Vision software during the annual conference. James explained the Live Recording feature of SHARM Studio 5, sharing his many years of experience with SHARM.

IACT/IMDHA Annual Conference Hypno Expo in Daytona Beach, Florida

Hypnotherapist Robert “Tony” Diss, CHt, presented the SHARM software during the annual conference. Thanks to the many participants who showed interest and became SHARM customers. Enjoy your SHARM experience!