James D. Dayley

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Author, and Speaker NLP World wide
USA, Website

Sharm Live ROCKS! It comes loaded with a lot of soundscapes, but the new feature where I can add my own soundscapes pushes Sharm Live over the top. I am now going to use Sharm Live with all of my one-on-one clients. With the capability to add my own music and sound effects, I will also be using this at all of my live shows. Finally, there is a solution that allows for playing the right music during a live hypnosis show and changing from sketch to sketch by simply touching a picture on my laptop’s screen.

Sharm Live is simple to use and is ideal for the therapist that wants to focus on the client without too much advance work and preparations.

I love Sharm Live. It’s simple to use, fast, and doesn’t use up a lot of computer resources. The layout of the workspace is well thought-out.

Well done.

Jack Nicholais

Sports hypnotist and hypnotherapist with over 20 years experience.
USA, Website

I like the screen layout, as it fills the entire screen. The scene browser is easy to navigate. The movement of the sliders is easy to control. I always continue to change the sliders during the session.

I really like the idea and ability to change the intensity of the scene, which I can use to emphasize more of the scene when I want to drive home a suggestion.

I use two sets of headsets with built-in microphones, which is why Sharm Live is so great. It creates realistic sessions as if the client and I are actually there! For group sessions of 50+ individuals, I would hook up external speakers to my laptop.

This software is excellent and I’m thrilled with it. The software does what you say in the description, and does it very well.

Bill Herring

LCSW, CSAT Counseling, Therapy and Coaching For Healing And Growth.
USA, Website

Sharm Live is amazing cutting-edge software.

It’s astounding in the possibilities this creates for alleviating long-held sources of distress and accessing cognitive resources.

Anyone who uses this program will be on the absolute leading edge. I mean, there is simply nothing like this in the world!

I enthusiastically recommend Sharm Live for professional therapists.

Dr. Hans Lang

Lecturer of hypnosis/hypnotherapy (DVH), Master of NLP (DVNLP), Psychoanalyst.
Germany, Website

I use Sharm Live as an acoustic background and to deviate the critical-conscious minds of hypnotees. I also introduced some of the scenes as assets for behavioral therapy.

I am going to use it again… and again… and so on!

Ronald Shone

B.Sc., M.A., B.Sc. (Psych), DCH British Society of Clinical Hypnosis.
Scotland, Website

The program requires no technical knowledge and is very easy to use. All the hard work is automatically done by the program. This means that the therapist can focus on the client and the session and not on the equipment being used.

Moving through scenes is just a click on a scene button. So, taking a client through a forest and to a waterfall can enhance the therapy session. With one client dealing with weight loss, using the restaurant scene proved very useful. So with a particular client, more than one scene can be used during the session: some for relaxation while others for therapy.

For the client, the session appears more professional, cuts out extraneous noises from the environment that may interrupt a session, and generally creates a deeper sense of relaxation and involvement in the therapy.

Personally, I only have a vague notion of what I will do with a client. What I do depends on what they tell me on arrival, and this can vary tremendously. For instance, the session last night was to do with weight, but it ended up being more about helping the client to cope with stresses at work and at home, which had made dieting difficult. My sessions are therefore totally improvised and Sharm Live enables me to improvise, without any prior planning or preparations.

With Sharm Live, the client gets very fixated on the scene. This is a good thing since hypnosis is focused relaxation. The client is simply very focused on the scene and very responsive to suggestions. It also gives good feedback to the therapist that the client is indeed in a trance!

I am constantly using Sharm Live and I use it with all my clients, and generally in all sessions with them. They like me using it. I do think I have more success with clients, now that I am using Sharm Live.