Sharm Live


There are 40 dynamic audio scenes in the built-in library, arranged in four categories: Nature, Urban, Places, and Travel. You can add your own background audio scenes to expand the Sharm Live library.

Control the intensity of any background scene during the session. For example, you can gradually increase the intensity of a flight scene from a quiet flight to a noisy and turbulent flight.

Category: Nature

Scenes: Beach, Stream, Lake, Waterfall, Forest, Jungle, Mountaintop, Storm, Countryside, Campfire, Underwater

Category: Urban

Scenes: Park, Backstreet, Avenue, Highway, Market, Promenade, Parking Lot, Rollercoaster

Category: Places

Scenes: Museum, Stadium, Restaurant, Mall, Cocktail Party, Office, Auditorium, Elevator, Tunnel, Hospital, Waiting Room, Dental Clinic

Category: Travel

Scenes: Car, Bus, Ferry, Station, Train, Airport, Flight, Harbor, Sailboat