Sharm Studio

Common Questions

Is it possible to combine my own music with SHARM Studio?

Yes. You can use External tracks to combine built-in sounds with your external sound files.

Can I record my own scripts instead of using the recorded voice that comes with the program?

Yes. You can record your own scripts and suggestions. Use Voice or External segments to mix your recorded files in SHARM Studio.

What should be the balance between the brainwave entrainment and the other sounds in my session?

The brainwave entrainment sound level should be just above the background sound level. Brainwave entrainment sound technology is not meant to be subliminal. The volume should be low, but you should be able to hear it.

Can I make subliminal CDs?

Yes. Producing subliminal recordings is easy. You can record a soundtrack and set its volume as low as you wish. Use the volume slider to set the volume to a fixed level. You can also use the volume graph to change the volume during the session.

Are languages other than English supported by the SHARM Studio?
The prerecorded voice libraries are in English. However, you can record suggestions and scripts in any language and mix them into your sessions.

Commercial Use and Copyrights

Do I need permission or a special license to sell CDs that I create using SHARM Studio to my clients?

The SHARM Studio license includes commercial use of the generated sound files. Therefore, you can use SHARM Studio to produce audio session files and CDs for sale or any other commercial purposes.

Can I sell the audio sound files or CDs that I produce with SHARM Studio to the general public?
The commercial license of SHARM Studio applies to commercial uses, including selling to the general public.

Please note that you cannot resell the Nature sound libraries “as is” but nature sounds can be included in the audio tracks that you create with SHARM Studio.

Are there any royalty fees associated with producing or selling any of the built-in recorded Voice, Music or Nature sound libraries?
There are no hidden fees or royalties associated with the SHARM Studio commercial license. You can use the sound files you have created with SHARM Studio for commercial purposes.

Other Questions

How can I learn to use SHARM Studio?
Please read the User’s Guide on this website and follow its step-by-step tutorials to quickly learn how to use SHARM Studio.

You can download the Trial Software and read the Help section of SHARM Studio to get familiar with its various functions.

Can I use SHARM Studio with regular stereo speakers instead of headphones?

Yes. You can use SHARM Studio with your speakers. Your speakers should be positioned correctly to get the right stereophonic effect. However, it may be easier to get high-quality sound and better stereophonic effect with good headphones.

How do I create my own CD?

Creating your own CDs is easy. Simply select a session or create your own and press the Export button in the top toolbar to create a sound file. SHARM Studio enables you to directly burn the exported sound file onto an audio-CD once the export process is complete.

I exported the session into an MP3 sound file and copied it to a CD, but the CD won't play on a CD player.

You should burn an audio-CD, not a data-CD. Only audio-CDs can be played on CD players. Use the SHARM Studio direct-burn option to create audio-CDs.

I get an error message when pressing the Recorder button. What's wrong?

Most likely, you need to tell SHARM Studio which microphone to use. Please open the Options window in the top toolbar to select the microphone. Alternatively, there may be a hardware connection problem between the microphone and your computer.

Can I create a panning effect?

Yes. Use the Stereo property below the Volume property. You can control the stereo position of any sound during the session. The easiest way to create a rhythmic panning effect is by using the Bilateral Sound option. Please refer to the Help section of SHARM Studio.

Can I put different recorded suggestions in the left and right stereo space?

Yes. Draw two Voice segments, one above the other, to be played simultaneously. Use the Stereo property on the right to set the position of each segment to the left and to the right. Please refer to the “Dual Induction” built-in demo session in the software.

Why can't I find the built-in sessions or the Nature sound files?
This issue may appear if you are not accessing the correct folder. Change the current folder to the correct folder and go up one or two levels in the folder hierarchy. You should find the built-in files intact in the correct folder.
How did you record the voices in SHARM Studio?

The built-in male and female voices in SHARM Studio were recorded by professional voice talents with a hypnotherapy background.