Chris Haygarth

Clinical Psychotherapist, Supervising Clinician, UKCP Registrant
UK, Website

Sharm Studio completes the services that I provide to my clients. The time taken to produce a therapeutic recording to support clients between sessions has been reduced to minutes, rather than the hours it used to take. This alone means that the program has paid for itself many times over!

The program is so easy to use and has a vast library of sounds I am still exploring. The support is excellent (when I do something wrong). For me, this is a first-rate product, with first-rate support, and I get first-rate results.

The user interface is very clear and uncluttered. With the great optional controls over the sound files, it really is outstanding. If you make recordings for any purpose, I would highly recommend Sharm Studio.

James D. Dayley

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Author and Speaker, World Wide NLP
USA, Website

I have been using the Sharm products in my hypnotherapy practice for years, and now it is even better.

In the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s, I worked in the entertainment industry. I spent countless hours in the recording studio with some of the world’s top recording artists. Sharm has brought a professional recording studio right into my therapy office. Using modern technology, I can now provide my clients with a professional audio recording of their live session. But that is just the beginning.

I see many clients with similar issues. Using Sharm Studio, I can set up templates for sessions, such as Stop Smoking, Stress Reduction and Weight loss. Utilizing Sharm Studio’s built-in teleprompter, I can use the pre-loaded scripts for the generic session and customize the session for each individual client. With a simple click of a button, I burn a CD of the session and the clients receive a recording of their sessions, bundled with a professionally mixed audio-CD that they can use at home to further the work.

I have also used Sharm Studio to produce a line of self-help recordings. I sell them online, in my office, at fairs and BOR (Back of the Room) sales, following a lecture or at one of my stage hypnosis shows.

Over the years, whenever I have had technical issues (most have been user errors)and I have had to contact the Sharm’s technical staff, they have always been prompt to reply and have exceeded my expectations with their customer service.

Ronald Shone

Hypnotherapist, D. Hyp., M.A., B.Sc. (Psych)
Scotland, Website

I am a hypnotherapist, and before I found SHARM Studio, I had used a music program (Cubasis) that allowed me to mix audio files. It was hard work and not intuitive for a hypnotherapist. Then I found SHARM Studio, which did all the things I wanted to do and more.

Not only that, it was easy to use. It is a program specially designed for the therapist, especially the hypnotherapist. I like all of the built-in features: the suggestions, with not a strong American accent (besides a good hypnotic voice), the music, the nature sounds and more. The fact that it allowed me to combine my own audio scripts was a major plus.

The included suggestions, music and other sounds, along with my own audio suggestions and scripts, has allowed me to produce tailor-made CDs for my clients. Being able to put their names throughout the CD (when appropriate) makes the whole process more personal, which can only add to the success of the therapy.

Finally, I must add, that I found the customer service most helpful.

Jack Nicholais

Master Sports Hypnotist
USA, Website

I am a Master Sports Hypnotist, and I have been using Sharm Studio for years. While I tried similar software programs, Sharm Studio is the only one that works really well and includes fantastic updates and personal service.

With Sharm Studio, I can make custom subliminal and session CDs for all my clients in the sports field. My clients include world record-holders in power lifting squat, a professional heavyweight boxer, professional wrestlers, Olympic weightlifters, professional baseball players, tennis players, swimmers, golf athletes and many more.

My clients appreciate the personal service I am able to give them with the CDs that Sharm Studio helps me to create and publish. Best of all, the CDs I create with Sharm enable me to reach clients who can’t come for actual live sessions with me. The CDs can be as good as live sessions.

To date, I have made hundreds of sports hypnosis sessions and sports subliminal message CDs for all my clients, from high-school level to professional athletes. With the software updates, Sharm Studio only gets better.

If you’re concerned about software support, I have to give this company a 10. Even when the issue/software problem was one that I created, the Sharm support helped me to see where my mistake was, which allowed me to complete my projects.

Thank you Sharm for helping me give my clients a uniquely effective professional perk.

Dr. Randall Hardy

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified NLP Practitioner, Natural Health Coach
USA, Website

Having practiced both chiropractic and naturopathy, and also having worked in the destination health resort industry for many years, I discovered that unless people were internally motivated to make positive lifestyle changes, they often didn’t.

The brain is a very powerful piece of equipment, and it’s necessary to make it your ally—and that’s where SHARM Studio dazzles. I have been a fan and happy user of Sharm Studio for many years.

I have invested many hundreds of dollars in other software programs, but the one that stands out and I use the most is Sharm. Why? It’s easy to learn and produces effective results. The features of the program include everything you need to help change the unwanted behavior of your clients and customers. Read the entire Sharm website, watch the videos, and you will understand why.

The support team listens and implements suggestions (the support is incredibly fast and efficient).

Sharm Studio is well worth the price! I highly recommend it.

Bill Herring

Counseling, Therapy and Coaching for Healing and Growth, LCSW, CSAT
USA, Website

Sharm is an excellent resource for anyone working in the emerging field of Brainspotting or other bilateral activation therapies. The ability to utilize my favorite music in bilateral format opens up tremendously valuable opportunities for tailoring this technique to a wide range of clients.

I love having the ability to adjust the CPM (cycles per minute) of any track, from a Bach sonata to Rage Against the Machine! The ability to include nature sounds to any piece helps to deepen the relaxationthat clients feel when getting deeply involved in activating brain spots.

There is very little high-quality bilateral music currently available to therapists or the general public, and Sharm Studio allows anyone to be a creative producer of an exceedingly powerful agent of neurological change. The ability to create my own sounds opens up a world of possibilities in this regard.

I cannot recommend this program highly enough.

Dr. Gary Whitney

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Brainwave Entrainment Engineer
USA, Website

There are many essential elements in my toolkit, but I must say that Sharm is by far the easiest and most flexible tool that I have used so far.

You have combined a very intuitive interface with many options that enable even a novice user to create unique and complex audio programs within moments of installation.

Ultimately, the purpose of my work is creating the best possible solutionsfor my clients. The Define Your Mind Project must exceed expectations in every way. My clients have experienced the results of my work with Sharm Studio, and they are very satisfied.

My experiences with your support of this amazing program are the best of any online experience I have ever had; I truly appreciate all that you have done.

Kudos to your team for the effort that went into developing Sharm Studio.

Chuck Kuhn

Psychotherapist, LCSW, BCD
USA, Website

As a practitioner of psychotherapy and not exclusively hypnotherapy, I have found SHARM Studio to be an outstanding supplement to the Dialectical Behavioral Therapy that I use in my office.

I purchased an earlier version of Sharm in 2010 and was resistant to upgrading, because I could not believe that Sharm could have been improved all that much. I downloaded the trial version and found that I was wrong!It is a significant improvement—a great product made even better!

It is chock-full of newer content files, offers both male and female voice overs and for a new user is far easier to use. It is very robust with features and capabilities that most practitioners will never exhaust.

Since first purchasing Sharm in 2010, I have had numerous clients report that their therapy has become more effective because of the CD homework assignments that I provide them. I have new clients who, having been referred by former or current clients, come to me knowing that I provide people with CDs to enhance their therapy experience, and it appears to me that my practice stands out among the other therapists in my area and it drives more clients to me.

Tony Jabbour

Hypnotherapist and Healer, M.A. (Applied Spiritual Psychology), B.Sc., CHt
USA, Website

There are lots of software programs out there to record and mix sounds to make a CD. From my experience, Sharm Studio is one of the best and easiest to use to record my sessions and make a CD for my clients.

I am now encouraged to produce more CDs of the guided meditations that I do for my meditation group and have another income stream. So many great features are built in and a sizable library of sounds is included, which makes it easy to make my own professional-quality CDs. The technical support is quick and excellent. Thank you for creating this program.