We welcome all questions and strive to provide effective customer solutions. Please refer to the Common Questions and Answers below to find possible answers to your questions.
Please contact us with any additional questions.

Common Questions

Do I need to activate my SHARM license?

Yes. Use the license key provided by email to activate the software. The process is completely automated and takes only a few seconds. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Is it possible to install SHARM software on two computers?

The SHARM license should be used by one person on one computer. If you want to purchase a second SHARM Studio license for your second computer, please contact us to receive a discount coupon code.

Can I re-install SHARM if I have a problem with my computer?

Yes. You can re-install SHARM software on your computer, if it is the computer you originally used to activate your SHARM license.

My old computer where I activated SHARM doesn't work anymore. Can I install SHARM on my new computer?

Please contact us to re-activate your license on the new computer. After re-activation of your SHARM license key on the new computer, you will no longer be able to use SHARM on your old computer.

Do I need to register my SHARM software?

You do not need to register SHARM software. Your purchase order identifies you as our customer.

Which paying methods can I use to order SHARM software?

The share-it! system accepts many paying methods, including all major credit cards, direct deposit, wire transfer, orders by phone and more. Learn more about share-it! and acceptable payment options on our Buy page.

I'm a professional therapist and don’t know much about computers. Will I be able to learn and use SHARM?

Yes. Most of our customers are professional therapists who are not computer experts. Learning to use the SHARM software is easy and you can quickly start using it in your practice. Please read the User’s Guide to get started.

Do you have any recommendations with regard to what microphone to buy?

Any microphone that works with your computer should work with SHARM. Good microphones are not expensive, but we recommend that you invest at least $50 if you plan on using SHARM professionally.

Is SHARM compatible with Mac computers?

If you have Windows installed on your Mac computer, you can run the SHARM software. If you only have Mac OS installed, please refer to the Download page to learn how to run SHARM with Mac OS.