Thousands of professional therapists, counselors and others have used Sharm to enhance their services, empower their clients and expand their practice. The built-in categories and recordings have been designed to meet the most rigorous professional demands, while customization capabilities of Sharm provide limitless potential for creativity.


Offer your clients audio sessions to practice relaxation and breathwork, which are crucial for therapeutic success in many disciplines, including CBT. Choose from many ready-to-use categories—such as phobia, addiction, anxiety, depression and motivation—or create your own customized sessions tailored to each client’s specific needs.


Sharm has been designed with professional hypnotherapists in mind. Use it’s unique, pure ambient music to create an effective psycho-acoustic experience for quick and deep hypnosis trance. Record your own hypnosis scripts or record live with your clients and provide them with a copy of the audio session for home use.

Life Coaching

Enrich your coaching process by recording one-on-one sessions with your clients and providing them with audio sessions to practice at home. Quickly create audio sessions for motivation, relaxation, self-confidence, anxiety, breathwork, energy, prosperity and relationships to drive positive changes in your clients’ lives.


Enhance your clients’ experience by offering them  soothing sounds and self-hypnosis guidance during acupuncture sessions. A relaxed mind brings relaxation to the entire body, resulting in more effective acupuncture results and improved well-being. Create customized audio sessions to address each client’s individual needs.

Diet Counselors

Create audio sessions for effective weight management. Empower your clients with customized self-hypnosis sessions to enhance weight-loss efforts. Select from various built-in categories to address underlying issues of addiction, anxiety or depression. Develop motivational sessions to encourage long-lasting lifestyle changes.

Meditation Instructors

Use Sharm to help your students achieve deeper meditation states. Select from different ready-to-use audio sessions that focus on relaxation, breathwork (Pranayama), energy and focus. Add brainwave entrainment and bilateral sound to allow inexperienced students to reach altered states of consciousness.

Yoga Teachers

Complete your teaching with customized audio sessions for breathwork (Pranayama), relaxation, meditation, energy and overall well-being. Quickly create audio sessions to motivate your students to maintain regular practice. Use built-in sounds or record your own voice to achieve the best desired effect.

Dentistry Hypnosis

Decrease your clients’ apprehension, anxiety or fear of dental treatments. Provide your clients with soothing self-hypnosis audio sessions. Or, if you are a certified dental hypnotist, enhance your practice with customized audio sessions tailored to each client’s specific needs to achieve more effective results.

Massage Therapists

Enrich your clients’ experience by letting them listen to soothing, empowering or motivational audio tracks during massage therapy. Relaxation of the mind leads to the relaxation of the body, enabling more effective massage sessions, greater physical well-being and improved mental state.

Self Help

Create audio sessions to address a wide variety of issues and goals on your path to personal improvement and success. Reduce stress and anxiety, boost self-confidence, enhance creativity, achieve deep relaxation, increase energy and vitality,  quit smoking or lose weight—the possibilities are infinite!